WiFi SSID name: Tips for choosing a good name

Whether you decide to choose a funny name from our complete list or something else entirely, there are a few good and important guidelines that you should consider when choosing an WiFi SSID name:

  • Never make the WiFi SSID related to the network password.
  • Never include personal information like your real name, address, apartment or house number, birthday etc..
  • Avoid provocative WiFi SSIDs that might make your network a target for hackers.
  • Aim for a unique but memorable name!
  • The network name has a maximum character limit of 32 characters.
  • If you want to keep Google from mapping (saving) your WiFi name and network physical location, add “_nomap” to the end of the WiFi name. Example: “Skynet_nomap”.
  • Enable “SSID Broadcast” to find your WiFi network on your devices, otherwise you need to configure and fill in your network manually on each device.

If you don’t know how to change your network name, please look at our guides here.